Do you really need back surgery?

Do you really need back surgery? Most people have an opinion on this question one way or another. For the individual who is healthy, without pain and can perform the usual activities of daily living the answer is simple ”No I don’t”.  This is easily understandable. The real dilemma for the patient begins when they [...]

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Invision Health Physicians Named as “America’s Top Docs”

Three Invision Health Physicians, Dr. Michael Landi,  neurosurgeon,  Dr. David Lichter,  neurologist and Dr. Ernesto Levy, rheumatologist,  have all been named as "America's Top Docs" . Castle Connolly Medical LTD. , a medical research firm led by physicians,  follows a rigorous screening process to select top doctors on both the national and regional levels.  The "top docs" [...]

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Worker’s Compensation Injury Evaluation

Many of the medical staff members of Invision health and the Brain and Spine Center are board certified with the New York State Worker’s Compensation Board. We will assist you through the process. If you are injured at work, you must be certain the details of your injury are all thoroughly documented by you and [...]

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