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Cholesterol – Do You Know What You Need to Know?

You can be in great physical condition but still have high cholesterol. That’s because high cholesterol isn't only caused by dietary choices—it can also be inherited. If you don't know your cholesterol levels, start by getting tested and discuss the results with your doctor. Quick Facts about Cholesterol Here's something you may not know: our [...]

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It’s Never Too Late to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle

5 Things You Can Do to Start Living Healthier NOW Last month WKBW Channel 7 featured a local lady named Ann Constantino who is an aerobics instructor on the 11:00 news.  The surprising fact about Ann is that she’s 90 years old!  She was also featured as a Super Senior in Buffalo Spree Magazine, and [...]

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DIAGNOSIS: Spinal Tumor

By: Dr. Michael K. Landi, MD, FACS What is a spinal tumor? A spinal tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in the spine. If any cells in the spine grow and multiply abnormally to cause a spinal tumor, this is called a primary tumor. If abnormal cells have spread to the spine from a [...]

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Prevent Tick Bites this Summer

According to the Erie County Health Department, Lyme disease is the most prevalent arthropod borne disease in New York State. Evidence suggests that Lyme disease continues to expand into the Western Region of the State, including Erie County. Although the number of reported cases each year, is relatively low (approx. 35 for humans in 2010--most [...]

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Avoid Summer Bike Accidents — Bike Safety Tips

Ah, summer in Western New York. It's a great time to get the bikes out of the garage, giving your kids (and you) something to do—as well as incorporating some exercise! But before you hit the road, hit the brakes and think about bike safety. Accidents can and will happen while biking, but these tips [...]

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