Interventional Pain Management

Our Interventional Pain Management team assesses pain to consider appropriate treatment and rehabilitation options. Short term and post-operative pain may be treated by medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, or analgesic medications.

Occasionally, there may be a need to treat pain a bit more aggressively, and this will be discussed with the patient and/or referring physician. Our physicians may recommend epidural steroid injections for back pain, trigger point injections for musculoskeletal or myofascial pain, and injections into the joint spaces for joint pain and arthritis treatment.

For long term pain, or pain that does not appear to improve with a standard treatment regimen, patients may be referred to certain specialists in the management of pain, or alternatively they may be offered treatment through highly specialized implantable devices that either deliver pain medication directly into the area where pain arises, or acts to block pain through eliminating the nerve impulses that cause pain. These devices called pain pumps and intrathecal catheters may be suitable for your pain, but you may be required to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation before that determination is made.


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