Sobhana Narayanan, MD


Dr Narayanan

Dr. Narayanan is a Board-certified physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. A graduate of Trivandrum Medical College in India, Dr. Narayanan completed her Residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester School of Medicine, in Rochester, NY.

Formerly, Dr. Narayanan held the position of Senior Instructor and Physician in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Rochester School of Medicine. Prior to that, she worked at Kaleida Health System in Buffalo, NY and was the Medical Director of the Rehabilitation unit at DeGraff Memorial Hospital in Buffalo, NY.

Dr. Narayanan has more than a decade of experience in performing electrodiagnostic studies such as EMG and nerve conduction studies, as well as management of most rehabilitation problems including stroke, musculoskeletal injuries, spinal cord and other neuromuscular disorders, joint disorders, automobile and work related accidents.

Sobhana Narayanan, MD

Phone: 716. 631-3555
Fax: 716.631-9525

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