The Reason

The history of the origin of our practice dates back to the mid 1990's, when medical science and technology were growing at an amazing pace. The typical medical practice models were academic and private solo practitioner or single specialty groups treating patients.

The obvious was recognized, patients were often left to fend for themselves in a complex medical environment, with their health care being dictated by insurance companies, lawyers, Workers Compensation guidelines, and their treating physician all at times in conflict. The model was prone to medical errors from lack of communication and misunderstandings between health care providers. The vision was a health care system that would protect the patient from medical errors by improving coordination of care and communication between health care providers and provide "one-stop-shopping" to meet the needs of patients. The system must be easy to navigate by patients and provide for as much of their health care needs as possible. This was the birth of our unique multidisciplinary practice.

The Beginning

Invision Health started with a neurosurgeon in solo practice that recognized the need for improved health care delivery in a very political and bureaucratic system. Recognizing the need for multidisciplinary care for patients to achieve the best outcomes and safety; services were added that would benefit the patient. The model for Invision Health was based on a hospital model. Unlike the typical medical practice where communication is based on prescriptions, referrals notes, and the patient traveling between multiple offices, in a hospital, all the doctors and therapists involved in the treatment of a patient use the same medical record. Everyone from the dietitian to the surgeon knows what everyone is doing and contemplating. All of the services are at one location.


The result is a team effort that greatly benefits the patient. Patients get better care. This is how Invision Health cares for its patients. We are thirty providers utilizing the same electronic medical record to ensure comprehensive patient care. These records are available to our providers 24 hours a day no matter where they are in the world, no matter where you are in the world. Today Invision Health crosses many different specialties and continues to grow. All of our physicians are Board Certified or Board Eligible. At Invision Health we work as a team in order to achieve a higher degree of success.

The Future

As we grow and continue to add more specialties, we will continue to develop new ways to improve health care delivery to our patients. We envision good health, we Invision the future.